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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions - Services Style By Tonia

Not all of us were blessed with gorgeous locks, but we can buy them!! So that’s where I come in… I specialize in different types of Newport Beach hair extensions because we all don’t have the same problem. Some of us want the fullness, some want the length, some want both, and I know just how to do that! I specialize in Hair Wefts, Skin Wefts, and Individuals. It is best to set up a consultation with me a few days prior to the date you need your extensions.


Are hair extensions damaging?

They can be if the client does not take proper care of them. It is very important that you brush through your extensions thoroughly and always blow them dry at the scalp. It is extremely important that you come back in when recommended to have them redone.

How long do extensions last?

It depends on what type of hair extension you need. The hair wefts and skin wefts typically last 4-8 weeks depending on your growth cycle. These extensions can also be reused. The individual bonds can last 3-4 months. They will need to be replaced each time.

How much do Newport Beach hair extensions cost?

There’s never a set price for extensions. It all depends on how much hair you will need, the length of the hair you want, and the type of extension that best suits you.

Can I wash and style my hair like normal?

Of course! Washing your hair will be the same but blow drying will take you a little longer but it’s definitely worth it! You can style your hair as you always do and use hot tools on them too!

Does it hurt to take them out?

That all depends on the stylist! Some stylist are a little rough which can be rough on the hair and can cause damage. It’s very important that the stylist takes their time getting them out but it’s also important you never let them get tangled!

Will they look fake?

Newport Beach hair extensions should never look fake! It is up to your stylist to determine what color, length, and type of extension best suits you and what will look natural. It’s important that the stylist knows how to work with different types of extensions and only uses 100% human hair.